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Grease trap pumping is the cousin of generic grease trap cleaning services. Seattle, Washington restaurant and cafeteria owners nowadays tend to equip their industrial kitchens with larger and thicker pipes that are able to handle much more grease and sludge than the old-school “mom and pop” installations. These increase the business efficiency, lower energy consumption, and make the local health department happier – but they make cleaning a much more complex procedure.

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Simply put, the larger your kitchen is, the more powerful a vacuum you will need in order to pump out all the sludge from a grease trap efficiently. Seattle Grease Trap Services has a variety of vacuums in all sizes and specs, as well as its own fleet of dedicated waste collection trucks and a team of reliable and experienced workers. With our help, we can make sure the grease is flowing out, and the cash keeps flowing in.

Do you need grease trap pumping?

A clean and unclogged grease trap is a well-known requirement for all food businesses and industrial kitchens in Seattle. However, there are a series of factors that will determine whether you can get by with simple grease trap cleaning or sludge-dissolving agents, or whether you need to call the guys with the pump. These include:

  • The size of the grease trap and attached pipes
  • The thickness and texture of the grease and oil you use
  • The type of food you serve
  • The number of clients you serve each day

What’s the cost of grease pumping?

Unlike the home kitchens that populate the “cookie cutter homes” in the suburbs, no two professional kitchens in the city look exactly alike. While a simple cleaning job or a new grease trap installation can be offered at a flat rate, pumping comes at varied budgets.

In addition to the factors mentioned above, we will need to take a look at your location and the logistics involved when setting up the truck and the vacuum. So if you are searching for grease trap pumping near me Seattle, give us a call now!

Naturally, the easier and quicker the job, the less we’ll charge.

Why you should pump the grease traps routinely

Many amateur restaurant owners like to leave grease pumping towards the bottom of their maintenance list. This can be a dangerous gamble; a clogged grease trap is not just a health violation – which is enough to get your business closed down for a few days – but it also entails calling someone to provide an emergency pumping service at an “after hours” rate.

Closing down your business costs money. Emergencies cost money. Your best bet is to schedule your next grease pumping before anything happens!

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